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Meeting with INFINITY Executive Coordinator

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Falifornia! Goodbye..

...and gaining weightSince January me and my production team have been working on a film project. When you start once you see no end. Film is still not completely finished even if we had a glamorous premiere in universities cinema. However, when filming and main editing part was over we went exercise our muscles, each one in one’s own way.

We want so much so all the time. Housemate Alina is the best cook ever! And also when Hussain starts showing his Pakistan food tricks.. I guarantee you that student food can be so much better than any restaurant.


Beaches around Cornwall…

Beaches around Cornwall

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Life in Falmouth

L1001418purpleIts definitely fun. The town is so very vibrant that it would be absurd not to fall in love… The weather is bad but you get used to it. English organization is so very good that when you need something you will not spend much time searching for it and the help responsible people offer you is really helpful. We even got Black Magic Cameras on uni (We filmed the short film with it, I forgot to mention). That’s just an extra next to all the other amazing stuff they offer here.

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January – May

TeamI will take you trough the production of the short film ‘Can We Talk’ which we did for one of the modules in second semester. I dont get graded for this module, but this is the answer on why I study film – it is the best thing you can do in your free time and its the best reason to postpone other. So, I was working on the film as a Producer. In first month we had about 5 castings with 30 potential actors. We needed a couple, girl and a boy. The story is based in a coffee shop where the couple discusses what is their next move – one wants to end the relationship while another wants to push it on. The goal of the production was to build good relationship between crew and cast members, to gather the finance (we raised 700 pounds), to get the location, to feed the actors and crew.. and to create real film family.

After 4 months of pre-šproduction the filming started. We needed 14 hours to film it all, that was two evenings from 19:00 – 2:00 of constant work. But that was the easy part, it always is. We had the luck that we got REALLY god amateur actress, Emma and professional actor and Gucci model Luke. Alex (on the right next to the camera), director of the film and I had rehersals with actors up to 3 times per week (minimum 2), so on the set we all knew the dialogue by heart. We didn’t even had the script on st, what doesn’t happen often if ever. Especially on 10 minute dialogue piece.


Colour palette and poster. The artistic decisions were let to me and Jonny (blonde guy standing next to me on the first photo), who is also genius with editing.

10003695_10152346415431703_4890260225473828599_oThis is the first try of the colour contrasts from rehersals

10012712_10152357959801703_913205336766318868_o And first colour
correction from
the location.

B e a utiful.

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January in Rotterdam

Copy-pasted from my own blog where I wrote most of the stuff… link bellow:


There’s a reason why you haven’t seen a new post in over a month. More of them, actually. The main one – or so I decided – is that my computer was on repair. Halfway through writing one it simply decided to quit cooperating. Froze up and declined to turn on for the rest of the week. Once I returned to Slovenia for the holidays I cleaned its internals off the dust and it worked. However, since the hinge broke, I had to have it repaired anyway. I only got it back after the whole month.

The second reason is that there was a shitload of work to do. Shit. Fucking. Load. And there still is. The semester is coming to an end, meaning I had to make a sprint through the project in order to finish them on time. Although I’m not entirely sure, I think I passed all the classes but one. The Practical Projects is the class that I failed to finish first exercise on time (not just in time but entirely), meaning I will have to re-do it. The due is in a week and a half, but I will take it much much easier, hoping it will be good enough to pass.

Frankly I don’t feel like summing up the entire month now. I also hardly believe anyone wants to know what was going on. And the ones who do, already know it. I can probably say that I’m getting more and more used to The Netherlands. Most people who moved here did tell me, that the first 4 months were the hardest and I guess I can confirm that. After my holiday visit in Slovenia, where I met my friends and family after that long time, the return wasn’t much of a big deal. Partially it might be due to the fact, that I knew there’s only about a month and a half left (now, probably just about 2 weeks); but on the other hand I also feel that I’m getting more used to the way people work uphere and I understand them better, but maybe also the people I meet on daily basis are more used to me. I guess in a year or so I could somewhat integrate into the way things work here in The Netherlands. But I don’t plan to, nor I want to.

Now if I think about the return. I somewhat started to think, how it will feel. How will people, who were used to seeing me on a daily or weekly basis feel about my return. It is most certain that things won’t be the same. Things tend to change from one week to another, much more in 5 or 6 months. People I didn’t interact much with before, probably won’t notice the difference that much. If I take my one week visit as a reference, not much seems to be changed… not them. But I can’t help to wonder, how did I change.

They say, that stuff like that changes you. People who returned from the exchange all told me, that it changes you. It’s a good thing to do, they told me. Now I don’t think I can say it was bad. It’s a remarkable experience, I think, that gets you ready for real life – or at least it helps. On the other hand, as we all know, that real life is also hard, and cold. I have heard people say, that it makes you grow up. My father says “the same way as we went to serve the army, now our kids go for the exchange..”, but what is the thing to point out here is, that people used to say that army changed boys into the men. So I guess that’s the catch here – you grow up. I’m not sure, whether I did, but if anything so far in my life, then this must be it. Which makes me sort of sad. I don’t want to become that grumpy, perpetually sad and complaining adult I keep on meeting all the time all around me.

Now that I mentioned that, Back to happy things: I finished most of the projects. After my exchange they will probably end up around the internet for you to see. Some cool things we made with my classmates, and I can’t wait to show them to you. However, now there are other things to be done, so stay tuned. And I will go back to work, to reanimate my one minute project.


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